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Rewards Points Programme

We want to say Thanks to all of our Repeat customers who continue to shop with us. We truly appreciate it! 

We offer 1 Point for every $1 spent. 
Points Breakdown:
  • 300 Points = $10 Voucher
  • 500 Points = $20 Voucher 
  • 750 Points $45 Voucher 
  • 1500 Points = $100 Voucher 
Rewards coupon vouchers last for 30 days once issued. Reward coupons are not created until you choose to spend your points to create one. 

Important: Once the coupon is activated by you, you have 30 days to spend the coupon on If this 30 day period passes and you have not used the coupon, we will not be able to reactive the coupon and we will not be able to reissue the points from your unused coupon. There are no exceptions made to this policy. Thank you

We do not give reward points in the following situations:
  • Reward points will not be given on the shipping value paid by the customer.
  • Reward points are not issued for any Revitalash or Revitabrow product purchases.
  • Reward points are not issued for guest customers. You must create an account with xoBeauty in order to earn reward points.

When you claim a voucher it will decrease your points standing. So you can choose to save them up to get the higher discount or continually use them as you reach 500 points. 

Useful Links:
  • Create a points account HERE
  • Login to check your points status HERE
  • Reset your password HERE

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